Hand and body tattooing and glamorizing options for a night out, feel good factor or for a any occasion.

SV’s seasonal Temporary tattoo options of:

Henna TAT

  • Hot and sexy designs

Glitter Henna TAT

  • Going for a party night out. Special occasion?
  • Tired of the usual accessories?
  • Want to make unique personalised tailored mark to match your personality and outfit?
  • Going out and want to create a wristband/necklace. Match it up to your special occasion outfit by allowing us to create a jewellery-look design.

Accessorize henna TAT

  • Diamond Gems – Enhance Henna with final touch of swetaroski diamond gems and SV Glitter Sprinkles.

Seasonal designs

SV launches Cutting edge, seasonal and tailor made designs. Our SV signatured selection can be customised your likes.


Our Colour Patch Test will satisfy, assure and guarantee a deep-rooted colour and long lasting glitter tat.


With our variety of additional accessories, there will always be numerous ways of enhancing the henna even further.


Supreme consultation
One-to-one bridal consultation
Price: Free

Bridal henna (from)
Price: £100.00

Henna tattoos (from)
Price: £5.00

Henna accessories (from)
Price: £0.50

Glitter henna tattoos (from)
Price: £6.00