It is often said that weddings are considered incomplete without the “Mehndi” party.

Lawsonia Inermis is age bound known tradition for painting the skin in Middle East as well as Indian peninsula. Historians have discovered presence of Henna in pyramids of Egypt on the mummies.

History depicts several other uses of Henna, including medicinal use in treating burns, dandruff or inflammation of gums. Use of Henna for beauty application is well known.

A powdered paste of Henna with sugar, lime and some essential oil is applied though a fine cone. The artist brings about to their ability designs based on cultural art of the region or suitable to the theme of the event. On during the pigment of the leaves binds and shows rich reddish brown staining as per the design of the artist. Both during the application and subsequently, the female hands and legs exhibit deep sense of esthetic and spiritual beauty.

We provide professionally tailored and customised henna designs suitable and selectable by the bride.